Enter next phase.

I will be closing my in-world Pulling Strings shop on September 7. I’ve had a lot of fun making poses and animations over the past (almost) 4 years…what started out as just a little side project turned into something more than I ever expected, and I give huge thanks to everyone who’s come along for the ride. ♥

I will leave my Marketplace Pulling Strings shop in place…and I may occasionally get the irresistible urge to create, so I’ll use Marketplace for those urge creations. I just don’t feel like I’m focused enough on creating ALL THE TIME to justify keeping the in-world shop open.

And OF COURSE, I’mma go out with a bang. 🙂 From now thru Friday, Sept 7, the whole shop is on sale – everything 50% off! ALSO, just for something fun, I’m going to do daily drawings to give away some free stuff. All you have to do is make a purchase during the closing sale. Each morning, I’ll randomly draw a name from the previous day’s shoppers, and that person will get $L1000 store credit to spend on any poses or animations (at regular prices) that they want!

I don’t rule out the possibility of a return to an in-world shop. Down the road, I may find my focus and decide it’s time to give it another full-fledged go. Until then, though, I’m gonna focus on some other SL things that I enjoy…get back to my RL projects…and just sorta see where the road takes me.

Pulling Strings [SLurl]

P.S. I’m doing the same sort of thing at Second Spaces, my furniture and home accessories shop. Read about it here!

Ohhi. It’s my birthday. I am 40. So, that happened. To celebrate, as I do, I’ve got a huge sale set up for you! EVERYTHING in the shop is 40% off! See what I did there? It’s today (July 30) only – so hurry up and go!! Kthx.

Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Hi! I’m excited to be participating in Fluid, starting today! What’s that, you ask? Well, taken straight from the website:

Fluid is a recurring bi-weekly, themed event in Second Life directed to those of us who love poses, animations, props and furniture; creators and consumers alike.  Fluid will showcase the talents of 12 (twelve) pose, animation, prop and furniture makers during the course of these two weeks.  Each 2 week period will be considered a rotation.

Each rotation will consist of an over-arching theme, which will be dissected into four sub category themes.  Designers will be assigned to one of the four sub-themes.  This will result in there being 3 designers in each of the 4 sub-categories.  This will help to reduce similarity in the themed items as well as offer a greater variety to consumers.

Right? My rotation kicks off today, through July 15, and the overarching theme is ‘Risque‘. Ooohhhh. My sub category is S&M…so, goodbye, comfort zone! And helloooooo, Hot Seat!

You get the chair and all five naughty poses for just $L150. Available now, only at Fluid! [SLurl]

I’ve moved the Pulling Strings main shop to the MudHoney sim! It’s all set up, and I think it’s time to retire some stuff to Marketplace…so before I do, I’m having a 50% off sale on those items! Yay!

From now through May 14, stop by the new main shop to pick up some great 50% off bargains…you can also check out all my new stuff from the Pose Fair, in case you missed it!

Pulling Strings at MudHoney [SLurl]

Ohhi!! Pose Fair 2012 is now open!! Hells yes it is!

This year, there are TWO sims of awesome pose and animation goodness from a ton of lovely designers. It just opened to the public today and will be open for two weeks. There are A LOT of Pose Fair exclusives, so you definitely wanna get over there before it’s too late!

I’ve got lots of new things from Pulling Strings, all available exclusively at Pose Fair! Take a look —

TP to my spot at Pose Fair, right here! [SLurl]

Don’t forget, my annual 12 Days event is in progress — each day from now until Dec 24, I will place a different pose or pose set out for sale at just $10L! I’ll change the item each morning by 9AM SLT, so be sure to stop by every day for a great bargain!

Today’s 12 Day deal is the “Pinned Up” pose set – all 6 poses for only $10L!!

At Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Hi there! Today marks the start of my annual 12 Days event — each day from now until Dec 24, I will place a different pose or pose set for sale at just $10L! I’ll change the item each morning by 9AM SLT, so be sure to stop by every day for a great bargain!

Today’s 12 Day deal is the “Over My Shoulder” pose set – all 5 poses for only $10L!!

At Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Hi! There’s a new group gift at Pulling Strings!

Stop by the shop and hit the Subscribe-O-Matic if you’re not already a member!

Pulling Strings [SLurl]

Hi! I’ve got some new poses for you today!

Down and Out. – we all have those days!

Laze. We all have these days, too. 🙂

Pinned up. I would love to have days like this. 😉

Available now at Pulling Strings! [SLurl]

Ohhi! It’s my 5th rez day!! For today only – October 14 – I’ve marked down my 5 favorite items to just $5L each! I’ve done this for Second Spaces AND for Pulling Strings, so be sure to stop by both places today to pick up some rez day bargains! ♥

Second Spaces (main location only) [SLurl]

Pulling Strings [SLurl]